World Book Day

Hello WAYBers (WAYB = Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook). Just a quick reminder that today is World Book Day. In case you haven’t heard about it, World Book Day is all about getting people reading again – young and old. It’s a shame that we need a marked day to raise the profile of old-fashioned books made of paper, but that’s the way it is when there’s an increasing amount of visual stimulus to keep us off the streets and on the sofa. A hard day’s work can just as easily end with a bottle of red and an episode of Shameless as some carrot sticks and the latest Man Booker Prize winner. But whatever tickles your fancy and whatever your literary routine, let’s be glad that the likes of World Book Day, Reading for Life and the Richard & Judy Book Club exist to remind us of the pleasure to be had in reading a really good book.

My latest read? Valley of the Dolls. Yep never read it before, and absolutely loved it. I’m moving onto The Stepford Wives next because I’ve got a bit of a 60s/70s thang going on.

Warm wishes, Jo


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