Pet memoirs: a heart-warming phenomenon

Oh and I went to see Marley and Me last night (loved it!) a film based on the smash hit memoir by John Grogan, published in 2006. The book about a cheeky labrador puppy, and the couple who adore it, brought attention to quite a specific genre – namely the inspirational pet memoir.Take a look around, there are a fair few books on the market now about man’s best friend and, according to forthcoming title lists, there are more to come, a clear sign there is an eager readership out there for similar tales (see -I didn’t write ‘tails’). And where there’s demand, publishers will supply. From an author’s point of view it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for such publishing trends sweeping the market (some more obvious that others) and perhaps, if you’re in time (trends can quickly disappear off the radar) and have a good story to tell,  you could hitch a ride on the bandwagon.

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