Writers’ & Artists’ short story competition: our shortlisted six

I’ve been reading, and re-reading, the six shortlisted stories for our annual Writers’ & Artists’ short story competition. This year is the first time I’ve had the honour – and the responsibility – of choosing the ultimate winner. In competitions past, I’ve assisted during the early stages, slimming down a long list into a medium list and then a shortlist before passing it on for that all-important final decision. 

Although a job like this is a joy, it’s also surprisingly difficult. When you read someone else’s writing, you’re so aware it’s something they’ve created, invested precious time into, and about a theme that they’ve thought long and hard about, maybe even experienced themselves. Unlike a published article or novel, where I’d gladly come to a snap decision, choosing which of these stories is ‘the best’ of the (really very good) bunch is completely different. I need to make the right decision! Do I plump for the most cleverly written story, the most thought provoking, or the one which made me laugh? 

I’m going to have a cup of tea now and mull it over some more. I’ll do what I’ve done before (it’s always served me well) – slim down the list, but this time right down from three, to two and then to one, and go with what my heart tells me. 

Hope you approve.

Warm wishes, Jo



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6 responses to “Writers’ & Artists’ short story competition: our shortlisted six

  1. Clare

    Is there any chance you could publish the names of those on the shortlist?

  2. You’ll have to hang on in there just a little longer, but we’ll be letting you know the shortlisted stories – and the winner! – really soon.

  3. Jules

    I am very curious too (read nosy!!)

  4. Hatem

    Are the winners announced yet? or being notified?

  5. David A.

    As one who entered (and whose efforts must have been lost in the post!) I’d be interested to know how many entries there were. It’s only curiosity, of course.

  6. Hi David, we received over 1,500 entries. The theme (‘conflict’) inspired lots of stories on serious subjects such as war and religious divides, but also a few more light-hearted ones about serial killers and sex with aliens. I’m sure we’ll have another competition next year, so you’ll have another chance to submit. I wouldn’t recommend sending your story via special delivery though – you get proof of arrival!