There IS such a thing as a good rejection…

Check out Emma Barnes’ post about Why It’s Good to be Rejected over at Strictly Writing. Emma, along with Rob Jones, heads up Snowbooks, an award-winning small publisher.

Emma talks about how publishing is a business, how one publisher’s medicine can be another’s poison, and how being rejected by a publisher who doesn’t handle your type of book can be a blessing in disguise. 

I discuss this too at my workshops. I encourage authors to step inside the publisher’s shoes, to look at the book market as a whole, to view their beloved book as a ‘commodity’, one which won’t get signed up by a publisher unless it will make the company muchos cashola. It’s not an easy exercise by any means, particularly if you’ve spent 20 years labouring over your masterpiece.

But it’s necessary, necessary to discover whether there is a demand for your book idea and from there, to either reinforce your belief that you’ve written a seller, or to help you acknowledge that what you’ve penned might never secure a book deal – not necessarily because it’s a bad job, but because it simply won’t make a publisher any money.

The workshops aren’t all gloom, though, not at all. I break that particular piece of news very gently and give lots of good advice besides!

Warm wishes, Jo

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  1. mac

    does it make any sense.
    seemed like it did some time back when i first found
    it but like so many other things, i neglected it.
    now i ignore it because i’ve had a conversion of sorts
    and so, like most religious experiences, i distrust it.
    help me understand it. is its purpose to relate my
    every move to millions who could care less with little
    does it serve a purpose.
    i’m all at sea in manhattan.
    thank you