Can you make Twitter work for you?

Here’s an idea: why not search the latest Tweets to discover up-to-the-second trends, thoughts and ideas that could help your writing?

This is a suggestion from Nick Stewart in his You Tube video How to do Research for Your Writing Project Using Twitter and it could take you in all sorts of fun and unexpected directions. Not all of them terribly productive, granted. But still.

It’s so ‘right now’ it will even update you as you search, with a message reading ‘4 more search results since you started searching’ or similar. I tried searching for ‘writer’s block’ and found myself pinged from a Tweet to a URL with tips for battling Bloggers Block. But you could just as easily search Twitter for ‘writing dialogue’ or just about anything else for that matter. Let me know how you get on.

Oh, and before I sign off, I should mention that A&C Black, A&C Black Children’s and Bloomsbury are all Tweeting merrily away. Though, who knows, it could be Flutter next!!

Claire Fogg

(Publisher, Yearbooks, A&C Black)


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