Can I use a website as my portfolio?

Advice for illustrators from guest blogger Clare Mackie

Clare in her London studio

Clare in her London studio

By all means do try to get yourself a website so that art directors can look you up online.

I’ve found this invaluable – more important to me now than a portfolio, but I’m not sure it’s a substitute when you’re starting out.

Try to also have a traditional portfolio, and make it as beautiful and enticing as you possibly can.

Your portfolio is your showcase – you will be judged by it – so prepare it in a way that reflects your talents and abilities at their best. Art directors are by nature highly visual and will appreciate a well-presented folio to show to their colleagues and clients too.

If you aren’t sure how to go about this, here in London the Association of Illustrators have what’s called a ‘portfolio consultation’ whereby you can make an appointment to discuss your folio and how to present it, what to put in it, and so forth.

It’s important to create a portfolio that suits your strengths. If you’re not able to come to the capital, do see if you can find an art director near you who’ll give you advice. Their time is precious, but you never know…

Best wishes, Clare


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