Susie Orbach and ‘Bodies’

From guest blogger editorial consultant Cressida Downing

I found it fascinating to hear Susie Orbach, writer of Fat is a Feminist Issue, talking about her new book Bodies. Susie was in conversation with author and journalist Rowan Pelling as part of the Cambridge Wordfest.

There’s nothing like seeing authors in the flesh to round out your view of them – and their work. In this case, both were wearing rather fabulous shoes: Rowan was in red converse trainers, Susie silver ballet pumps.

Rowan began with an erudite and meandering introduction, singing Susie’s praises, but she lost track of where she was going half-way through.

So Rowan shifted into her own voice, which set a much more informal tone for an enjoyable chat between the two women, albeit about an uncomfortable subject: the increasing anxiety about our bodies which has ensnared our generation.

There are lots of examples and discussion about body image and representation (including one particularly shocking digitally enhanced photo of a ‘perfect’ child) on AnyBody, the blog that Susie moderates.

You can find out more about Susie’s work on and there’s also a lesson to be had from Rowan’s introduction – speak in your own voice and you’ll connect with your audience.

Yours, Cressida


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