Busy bee and the literary agent’s fee

It’s crazy busy at the office of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook. I’m in the throes of trying to pull everything together and it turns out I have more loose ends than normal to tie up. So, it’ll be my nose to the grindstone for several weeks yet … tell you what helps me organise myself though: my love of writing lists.

I’ve always written lists, ever since I was a wee girl. I used to write lists of what I was going to do over the school holidays, lists of my favourite breeds of dogs and lists of the things I wanted for presents (I remember once a shed was my number one want … but I didn’t get one, nor a puppy, nor a three-storey Sindy house). Anyway, now in my 30-somethingth year, I write a list every evening for the next day’s work, I find them the best way to help me organise my thoughts and plans.

Some days I cross things off and some days they just get longer, but I like to have them stuck on my pinboard, just looking at them helps me feel more organised. Oh and I do like to jazz them up with the odd doodle to cheer myself up (when tasks are hard!). Yesterday it was a bee – it represented me – the busy bee.

I had a phone call earlier on, from a gentleman enquiring about literary agents’ fees, what they were and how they work. Like I told him, you’ll find heaps of info on agents in the Yearbook, in the form of articles written by top agents such as Philippa Milnes Smith, an agent at LAW, and Mark Le Fanu, secretary of the Society of Authors. Also, each agent’s individual listing will tell you what commission they charge for placing your manuscript with an publisher. It’s all there – in the Yearbook. You’re not alone!

Warm wishes, Jo



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2 responses to “Busy bee and the literary agent’s fee

  1. Oh I love lists! I should be working my way through one at the moment, not reading this blog – sigh! I am struggling to find a list program for the Mac that I really like though – I will probably resort to pen and paper soon.

  2. Maureen ODonovan

    Dear fellow penmen/women. I have devised a ‘Note Pad’ that would be of great interest to many people and I need to find a publisher who would in your opinion publish such. Maureen.