‘247 Tales’ competition!

It’s pens (and computers) at the ready for the 247tales writing competition from our colleagues over at Bloomsbury.

You’ll recall that Beth won last month’s competition on the theme of ‘April’s Fool’, writing her tale about a jester’s search for love in 247 words exactly (well done, Beth).

The May competition is now open to 8-16 year olds, the challenge being to write 247 words (or fewer, but not many fewer) on the subject of ‘ a very special day’.

To accompany the competition, children’s author Kaye Umansky has written a tale on the subject in – of course – 247 words. Kaye is guesting on our blog, so you can find out exactly what she thinks

Oh and I know I go on, but, as mums everywhere say, ‘it’s only for your own good’ – don’t forget your own 247 words, in the form of that very useful ‘elevator pitch’. It ain’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Warm wishes, Jo


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  1. Ian

    Things are going brilliantly with 247tales.com and I never knew the children of the UK were so good at writing (very) short stories. We’re aiming to try and get 247 entries for every month so get those thinking caps on and send us your mini-masterpieces.

    (Children’s Publicity, Bloomsbury)