Hay Festival: How to Get Published

I was very pleased (but really quite nervous) to learn that the Hay Festival has relocated my workshop on account of a large demand for tickets.

The new venue has a capacity of 98 – quite a difference from the 30 faces I expected to be addressing. But I’m big and ugly enough to know that it’s not me people are coming to see. Nope, it’s a clear indicator of just how many aspiring writers there are, all trying to get their book through the publisher’s door.

It’s a real toughie, to have that burning desire to see your book in print – with your name on the front cover – and not know how to realise that ambition, even when you truly believe you’re on to a winning idea.

At the ‘How to Get Published’ workshop, I’ll be looking at getting yourself noticed by publishers, how to make your proposal stand out from the crowd (and it’s a very big crowd) in ways which don’t involve sparkly envelopes, musical cards or wild statements claiming you’re the next J. K. Rowling.

I’ll be discussing how to get taken seriously by publishers, how to describe your proposal in strategic terms and how to present yourself and your manuscript as a potentially good investment (although before that, we’ll look at how to decide whether you actually are a good investment, which admittedly is a bit more tricky).

I’ll go through what to submit in terms of your covering letter and synopsis, and how to make these as effective as possible. I’ll also briefly cover the alternative options to getting published via the traditional route. It’s good to know there are other ways to make your mark on the literary world.

Hope to see you there!

Warm wishes, Jo



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2 responses to “Hay Festival: How to Get Published

  1. Sid Jefferies

    Hi Jo,

    Just to say again how much I enjoyed and valued your heroic session in Hay this morning. It was a master class, not just in getting published but in handling a huge seminar of desperately inquisitive aspiring authors for two and a half hours !

    It is tremendously brave of you to do these sessions, and especially such an overflow as Hay threw at you. Invaluable for everyone. These lively live sessions communicate in a way no written word can. Not least you conveyed rather well the importance of writers being personable. I nearly gave up then and there but I guess I’ll have to give it a go !

    Best regards,

    Sid Jefferies

  2. It sounds like this was an informative Festival. I wish we knew about it earlier!

    We look forward to reading future posts.