I’m an artist, do I need an agent?

Getting an agent can save you a lot of time and trouble, says guest blogger illustrator Clare Mackie. And if you’re an artist do let us at ‘Writers & Artists’ know what your view is on having an agent.

This one’s up to you – it’s not imperative to have an agent, but if you’re not business-minded or would rather not deal with that side at all, then it’s well worth it.

Illustrators’ agents take about 30% to 40%, and for this they usually have their own website, they field calls, organise fees, will present your portfolio to clients, invoice clients, advertise (though you’re likely to pay a percentage of this too), and promote your work, give advice and feedback, and basically look after the business side for you.

When you’re finding an agent make sure your portfolio is up to date and scratch, of course, but never underestimate the human side of it all. See whether you actually like who you are meeting, as the illustrator-agent relationship is just like any other – you have to get on, trust and respect each other.

Hope this advice is useful and I wish you fun as well as success in your career.

Best wishes, Clare


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