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Our blog has moved

The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2010 is in the shops and to mark the occasion, we’ve moved to a new and improved

From today (or tomorrow, depending on your computer settings) you’ll find all the content from this blog at our new home:

We’ll be adding new posts, featuring name writers and industry experts, and including all sorts of useful hints and insider advice, but it wouldn’t be anything without you, so do come and add your comments at our new site.

While you’re there, you might also like to register (it’s quick and it’s free) and create a user profile. You can have your own ‘writer’ or ‘artist’ page at our new site, which means you can share your ideas, dreams, interests and ambitions with our online community of users.

I’m a little sad to wave goodbye to this blog, but it’s exciting to have a new website and I hope you’ll enjoy using it. See you soon at

Best wishes,


(Publisher, Yearbooks, A&C Black)


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New home for our blog

This blog has moved to:

Continue reading


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Bloggers beware, you have no privacy

If you blog under the cloak of anonymity, today is something of a day of reckoning. You have no right to keep your identity a secret. Not even if you’re an Continue reading


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Espresso Book Machine: is this its best shot?

I’m a bit disappointed. I wanted to test out the Espresso Book Machine, the new printing gizmo that’s hyped up to be as revolutionary as the Gutenberg press. But I can’t, because it’s broken.

The UK’s first Espresso Book Machine is located on the ground floor of Blackwell’s bookshop on Charing Cross Road, London. (There’s a video of a demonstration model above.)

It prints ‘books on demand’ and its looks have been likened to a large photocopier, which is true. This truly is an unlovely piece of kit. Continue reading


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Do authors need publishers?

Will you still need a publisher in a digital, multi-channel world where you can engage directly with your audience?

The answer is yes. So long as publishers continue to add value, our services are useful, no matter what format you choose to deliver your content in.

The role of a publisher is more wide-ranging than you might think. A publisher will make sure your content is available in every potential outlet worldwide. Authors who attempt this themselves tend not to reach the market as widely. Publishers, through the process of careful selection, editorial input and marketing, are turning undiscovered talent into international success stories. Continue reading

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The future is digital, but where’s the money?

With music companies finding their market has disappeared, newspapers giving away their content for free (and finding the ad revenue siphoned off by Google) and the film and broadcasting industry facing increasing piracy – what hope is there for the publishing industry?

There is opportunity there, it turned out, as four CEOs and the BBC media correspondent Torin Douglas took centre stage in discussions at the London Book Fair seminar Digital Publishing – Where’s the money? . Continue reading

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Publishing in the year 2020

What will be happening to books 10 years from now and what will that mean for authors and publishers?

Those were the questions put to a panel of experts at the London Book Fair. Future-gazing is always tricky, but some conclusions emerged. The traditional ‘linear’ model of publishing: author delivers manuscript to agent or editor, the publisher develops it into a book, sells it to the retailer who sells it to the consumer – is going to change. Continue reading

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