Is it 2010 already? It is for the Yearbook

packshot_wayb2I’m feeling deliciously light and cool despite it being muggy outside. And it’s not just because I’m sitting near the air con unit – it’s because the 2010 edition of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook  has gone to the printers bang on time!

So, the shiny red cover may be Continue reading


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Bloggers beware, you have no privacy

If you blog under the cloak of anonymity, today is something of a day of reckoning. You have no right to keep your identity a secret. Not even if you’re an Continue reading


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Who wants to be a ‘proper writer’?

Writer John Simmons

John Simmons

Our guest blogger author John Simmons believes it’s wrong to draw a line between the ‘proper writer’ and other types of writer. What do you think, do you agree?

Are you a writer? I sometimes get exasperated by people – often people who describe themselves as writers – who insist on Continue reading

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Writers’ workshop at Winchester

Such is the appetite for meeting other writers face-to-face, to mix and mingle with emerging voices and established names, there’s practically a writers’ event around every corner. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at Continue reading

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Are you a natural born author?

Novelist Emma Bowd

Novelist Emma Bowd

Is an author born or made? It’s a big question. Over to guest blogger Emma Bowd, author of The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy, who explains what can (and can’t) be taught. Going by what she says below, do you think you have the personality traits of an author?

I honestly believe you are born to be an author. It is within you and not made. The feedback I consistently got from Continue reading


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Don’t be shy, be seen

Guest blogger illustrator Clare Mackie has a few valuable pointers on how you can get your portfolio seen by the people that count

Illustrator Clare Mackie

Illustrator Clare Mackie

Once you’re set, perhaps with a website and definitely with a portfolio, you’ll need to have your work seen.

I am a little out of the loop, but on asking an agent they did recommend making appointments (as I did when starting out) with art directors, dropping off your folio with them or hopefully seeing them face-to-face.

If it’s the latter, do ask advice on Continue reading

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Jargon buster: PLR can make you cash

There’s been a fair bit of noise lately about how first-time authors are missing out on money from their books. This follows the revelation that Tim Butcher received no PLR payments for his first book, Blood River, which turned out to be the most borrowed travel title of 2007-8.

Because Tim wasn’t PLR registered, he missed out on Continue reading


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