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Do authors need publishers?

Will you still need a publisher in a digital, multi-channel world where you can engage directly with your audience?

The answer is yes. So long as publishers continue to add value, our services are useful, no matter what format you choose to deliver your content in.

The role of a publisher is more wide-ranging than you might think. A publisher will make sure your content is available in every potential outlet worldwide. Authors who attempt this themselves tend not to reach the market as widely. Publishers, through the process of careful selection, editorial input and marketing, are turning undiscovered talent into international success stories. Continue reading


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The future is digital, but where’s the money?

With music companies finding their market has disappeared, newspapers giving away their content for free (and finding the ad revenue siphoned off by Google) and the film and broadcasting industry facing increasing piracy – what hope is there for the publishing industry?

There is opportunity there, it turned out, as four CEOs and the BBC media correspondent Torin Douglas took centre stage in discussions at the London Book Fair seminar Digital Publishing – Where’s the money? . Continue reading

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FREE download from Bloomsbury – be quick!

For 24 hours only, the Orange Prize shortlisted Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie will be available to download absolutely free free free!

You’ll be able to access this credit crunch offer from 12 noon on 22nd April to the same time on the 23rd, so you’ll need to work fast. Just go to the Bloomsbury website and follow the easy peasy instructions. You’ll even be able to read it via your iPhone if you’re lucky enough to own one (Grrr … I want one). Continue reading

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