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I’m an artist, do I need an agent?

Getting an agent can save you a lot of time and trouble, says guest blogger illustrator Clare Mackie. And if you’re an artist do let us at ‘Writers & Artists’ know what your view is on having an agent.

This one’s up to you – it’s not imperative to have an agent, but if you’re not business-minded or would rather not deal with that side at all, then it’s well worth it.

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Don’t be shy, be seen

Guest blogger illustrator Clare Mackie has a few valuable pointers on how you can get your portfolio seen by the people that count

Illustrator Clare Mackie

Illustrator Clare Mackie

Once you’re set, perhaps with a website and definitely with a portfolio, you’ll need to have your work seen.

I am a little out of the loop, but on asking an agent they did recommend making appointments (as I did when starting out) with art directors, dropping off your folio with them or hopefully seeing them face-to-face.

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