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Who wants to be a ‘proper writer’?

Writer John Simmons

John Simmons

Our guest blogger author John Simmons believes it’s wrong to draw a line between the ‘proper writer’ and other types of writer. What do you think, do you agree?

Are you a writer? I sometimes get exasperated by people – often people who describe themselves as writers – who insist on Continue reading


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Discover the art of the rewrite

Guest blogger author John Simmons on how to be even more creative

Author John Simmons

Author John Simmons

A designer friend of mine who loves conundrums, said to me last week: “Sometimes the more cornered you are, the more fun you have.”

That struck a chord with me as a writer. I’ve become increasingly convinced of the creative value of writing to constraints. It sounds counter-intuitive but constraints do liberate.

I’ve recently put this theory to the test in a […]  Continue reading


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